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Aug 31, 2023

This year has been eventful with an improved website and plans for an exhibit at the Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK January 4-7, 2024.

RRCA members,

Here comes fall.  For me weaning, calving, collecting DNA, and preg checking are just around the corner.  I wanted you to know the board has moved to answer some questions and address some concerns.  

We set guidelines to register breeds beyond Angus and Beefmaster.  Specifics will be coming soon. 

We are committed to exhibiting at the Cattlemens Congress in OKC in January.  When dates are posted, please come if you can to help us introduce the Romagnola breed to the visitors. 

We will soon have improvements made to our website.  Shauna Kimble has reached out for pictures and videos to help enhance our website.  Please provide what you can. 

As we grow, so should our reach.  I appreciate the input and work put forth to promote our breed.  I see further expansion in the near future.  Many of you know I am very open and accessible so let me know how I can help. 

Arba Word, President 

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